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I finished a quest but it's saying to do it again!

Jul 15, 2014
So I reccently finished my initiate crafting requirements to get the badge, So I went to Felicia in regent square and it still has the grey question mark on top on her head. Though in my quest book it says to talk to her. I clicked x on her because maybe it was the wrong quest but it's saying to do it again. It's Also saying that I should talk to her which proves I finished the quest. I checked the place where it said to meat her. Also I chcked the dialogue with review dialogue! Could someone please help me! The scrap iron was really hard to find and I bought materials. so it took some gold!

Anthony FrostTamer


In order to complete the "Craft Services" quest, you must have the 2 Stingers of the Scorpion and the 2 Constellation Jewels in your inventory at the time you turn in the quest. Did you double check that you have them?


If you do have them, and still are unable to turn in the quest, please send an email to support@wizard101.com so that they can help you further.