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I didn't get my crowns!

May 02, 2010
I was cleaning my apartment last night and I found an older Walmart W101 gift card, about 8 or nine months old. I redeemed my card for crowns and got my Blast Colossus pet, but no crowns! I still need to deliver 2 Black panther mounts to winners of my raffle contest on Central, and now I don't have enough! I was supposed to keep 10000 crowns on hand to hand out the prizes!

Yes you did and Fiona StormCaller proceeded to spend them on Hoard of the Hydra Booster Packs & energy elixirs within 15 minutes of your prepaid card redemption.

You can see these transactions for yourself in the My Accounts - Crowns Activity section when you're logged in to Wizard101.com the website.

There's a very valuable lesson in the boy who cried wolf, young Wizard. Please be more thorough in your investigations before you make claims of missing items or Crowns.

Mar 28, 2009
May 02, 2010
Ok, thanks a lot! My head must have been in the clouds again, as it was all day today X_X. I should get more sleep.