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I changed class during fight

May 28, 2009
A couple days ago, I was fighting the gladiator with a friend at mount Olympus, during fight I used a polymorph gobbler and turned into ice class. During the fight, my connection broke so I had to rejoin, after I rejoin and my polymorph wears off, I had enough pips to use a strong myth attack but even though I had enough pips, the spell was grey. I looked down and it seems that even though I'm no longer a gobbler and have my cards back, I'm still in ice class and can't use any strong myth spell, I fled and came back, it worked normally from then on but what exactly caused that strange class change? The connection that broke?

Oct 23, 2011
Most likely the game skipped registering the command to change you back to your normal school right away due to the connection. Connection errors cause a lot of glitches; it's normal.