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i cant talk to the arena master

Sep 09, 2008
I had some trouble when i got up to the the quest malletmane when you have to beat bort in the arena then talk to the arena master. i beat bort atleast four times now but the arena master still has the grey question mark above his head and when i talk to him he tells me to fight bort. after that i looked in my quest book and the quest was blank. what should i do?

Dec 22, 2008
That sounds like a bug. If you don't get a response here then I would contact Customer Support via the Help menu to the left.

Hmm strange indeed. The Arena Master must have eaten some bad mash.

So let me get this straight, you don't have any quests in your quest book, the Arena master is still asking you to deal with Bart and even when you do, he doesn't recognize that you've defeated him.

Is that right?

I'll have our technical wizards look into it, though it would still do you good to submit your own report. Just click on the Help tab to the left, scroll all the way to the bottom to talk to Mr Lincoln.