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Hundred Level Jade Gear

Apr 21, 2012
As the level of gear gets higher, the stats increase, or change, variably, with something else taking its place.

With the Jade boots, what happened to the incoming healing stat? Not that it really bothers me to any major degree, but I do feel a little put out that it was just taken, and not replaced with anything. As it stands the incoming heal stat, although not significantly, makes the lower level boots better.


Apr 21, 2012
Ok, nobody jump all at once, but point being, if a stat got dropped from one set of gear, what other gear may also be thus altered.

Obviously the bias against jade gear is well documented on the various forums, I have read more than enough posts regarding it.

Funny how the same people having an aversion to it are the same ones who adhere to gear leaning towards hitting and critical. Terrible thing to have to work around, I know, its called strategy.

However, wondered if anyone else noticed stats getting dropped from any of the other gear.

I am willing to bet no, there wasn't, thereby proving yet another one of my points, and forcing me to reflect yet one more time on how I hate being right so often.

Aug 20, 2011
Jade Boots, Level 90
205 health, 4% pips, 16% resist, 55 block, 8% incoming heal, 4% outgoing heal
Jade Boots, Level 100
230 health, 5% pips, 17% resist, 65 block, 5% outgoing heal

Jade Hood, Level 90
270 health 5% pips, 21% resist, 5% incoming heal, 4% outgoing heal
Jade Hood, Level 100
305 health, 6% pips, 22% resist, 6% incoming heal, 5% outgoing heal

Jade Robe, Level 90
380 health, 3% pips, 22% resist, 30 block, 4% outgoing heal, rebirth item card
Jade Robe, Level 100
Idk this, anybody have the stats?

I see what you're saying about the boots, but I don't think it was an oversight. I interpret it as the developers' way of saying "OK I get it, you want to turtle tank with exalted level gear. Well, the cost for doing that is you can't heal others or yourself as well. Don't like it? Then you have to have lower health and resist."