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How does the dorm work?

Community Leader
I had a strange moment while playing the other day. I ported to my dorm room to find two other people already there.

Now, I've had people port to me while I was in my dorm room, but I've never encountered strangers there when I arrived.

How does the dorm actually work? I was under the impression that, because of the personal bank, it functioned kind of like an instanced area. Is that right? Or have I just been incredibly lucky these last few months, to have always gone in when no one else was there? :?

Nov 20, 2008
if you port to a friend while he is in the dorm you will also port to your dorm not his maybe it was a bug put you have your private dorm
cause you can't even share banks if you have six people in one account
so it must be a bug

Community Leader
Gamma wrote:
You may want to read the recently announced sneak peek at the Friendly Necromancer

I'm confused, Gamma. I'd already read the interview (and seen the bit about shared banks, yay!) but I didn't see anything that would explain why there were strangers in my dorm room when I arrived the other day.

Did I miss something? (Always possible, I tend to read too quickly.) Is there another new feature on the way to prevent such an occurrence?

Whoops my apologies I was referring to other people's concerns of not being able to trade items between characters.

If you teleported to your Dorm directly, there shouldn't have been people there. You can teleport to a friend who is in their Dorm room though.

Even if other people are in your room, or you're in theirs, the Bank will still only be yours. Other people cannot access your Bank.

I'll find out why others may have been in your Dorm and get back to you.

Community Leader
Jan 18, 2009
What are the Bank even for? I mean My backpack can fit anything into it.

Community Leader
Update: Just so you guys know, it happened twice again today. I ported to my dorm room to find other people already there.

Like the last time, the game was really REALLY busy today.

Jan 10, 2009
The dorms are ok but it would be really cool if we had our very very own. almost like your own house. I know there are to many people to fill all the empty house but it could be like golem tower. When a character is in there fighting something then someone else walks in and sees no one else there even though there are probably many people fighting them. And when someone tries to port to you it says that player is currently busy.
So what if we could decorate our own room. Feel free to find something we can store in there other than clothes.

May 22, 2008
I would imagine the dorms work like the instanced areas of the Great Spire--each world has a limited number of them that gets used whenever someone needs to use it. It isn't private and that's why you sometimes see strangers in there.

Oct 17, 2008
Withdemon wrote:
What are the Bank even for? I mean My backpack can fit anything into it.

Actually, you're wrong.

The backpacks can only hold a limit of items, although I can't quite remember what that was. I think it was 100, but I'm not sure.

But I really don't think many people use their bank. I certainly don't.

And then what people were saying about decorating the dorms, then why would you want it to say you are busy when people teleport to you? What would be the point if you can't show it off? It should be that only friends can teleport to you, or when someone tries to come to your dorm you can either accept to let them come in or not. So when someone tries to visit you in your dorm, a message could come up like the friend message. It could say "Accept ____ into your dorm?" or something like that. And if you don't allow them in, then maybe they can't ask again for a few minutes.