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how do you choose your secondary school

May 11, 2009
Please tell me how you choose your secondary school and what it does ive looked every where for an answer by the way i am a lvl 23 ice wizard :D

Oct 14, 2009
It doesn't literally mean having two schools, it's just what some call using training points in other schools.

May 04, 2009
I just look at the spells and then think of what I want my character to do that it can't already do or Just pick something because it sounds cool. Changing your strategy to go with your choice. Fortunately there is no wrong choices.

Do you want great accuracy and lots of heals , then go Life.
Want super damage , then go Storm.
Want to mix things up damage wise then Fire is nice.
Ice's defense are very good.
Myth gets two damage all spells you can get and alright damage on the side.
Death , well no one likes death. Except those life stealing types out there.
Balance , I am not for sure what is so good about this school. It is my primary.

May 22, 2009
I choose the secondary spells that will be useful. The elemental traps and elemental blades (Spirit ones if you use Life, Death, or Myth ) from Niles the balance tree at the krokosphinx are a good addition. I also train up to satyr in life just to have a little of healing. Training up to feint in death is also ideal. I happen to quest with someone who plays an Ice wizard. He trained up to feint in order to boost the lower damage ice does. But as a previous poster said, there is really no wrong choices. Just pick what you feel works for your style of play.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life
Hannah Earthbreaker Level 50 Balance
Hannah Summerglade Level 48 Fire

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Notes on spending training points:

>At higher levels, you will rely on your own school due to power pips.
>>At low levels, your training point spells will be more heavily used as you don't have a large % power pip chance.
>>>You will eventually get enough training points to buy more than half of a second school and maybe a third.
>>>>Don't forget the Balance School 'triple blades/traps' spells on Niles, they give a second trap for your school, or a second blade.
>>>>>You might like to keep those 'other blades' in mind when you choose additional spells.
>>>>>>Look in the Bazzar to get an idea of the Amulets that are common...you can buy the amulet and save precious training points. Do the same with the lost cost cards....healing is rare and expensive while low level fire (say, fire elves) and the like are more common and less expensive.

Jul 04, 2009
Believe it or not, most wizards can go for the same recipe that I'm going to suggest

Death: up to Feint. This is a mean trap at 70%, but use it wisely because it will simultaneously add a 30% trap on yourself.

Life: up to Satyr. If you don't want to go that far, or if you can already heal through your primary school, then possible to up to Sprite. It never hurts to have the ability to cast healing on your buddies.

Ice: up to Tower Shield. This shield will protect you again any attack and is the ONLY shield that shield you against the non-elemental attacks of Balance.

And while this is not a secondary school, you don't want to forget the blades and traps from Niles the Balance tree in Krokotopia.

Possibly grab a Reshuffle from the not-so-secret training person in Collossus Blvd. Put two of them in your deck and discard the first one you come across (this will allow you to continuously have the ability to reload your deck over and over again.

Some people say Balance up to Weakness, but personally don't find it worth the points it would take to get it (unless you just want personal gratification because you can hit them with one for a change)

Dec 09, 2008
I choose a secondary school that's in the opposite side from your primary, in order to get the shields. If you are storm/ice/fire then choose life/myth/death for your secondary.

If you are a school that is a little weaker on attacks (life, ice) then choose one that gives you some better attack (storm, death). If you are in a school that is stronger in attack (storm, fire), choose one that gives you some extra healing/defense.