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How do I get a henchman/minion?

Jan 03, 2010
I was looking in the CrownShop and i saw Minionsbut they have a pad lock on them. I have the crowns to purchase them but It won't let me buy them. Is there a certain level I need to be in order to buy them?

And how do I get a minion? What do I need to do to get one? What kinds are there?

Can you please help me?

Henchmen can only be purchased during a duel.

Each school has at least one minion, here are the levels that the minions are available through a quest.

Fire - level 28
Ice - level 28
Death - level 28
Storm - level 18
Life - level 18
Balance - levels 18 and 38
Myth - levels 2, 7, 18 and 38