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how about a card that lets you use a potion during

Sep 13, 2008
like it could be a 3 pip card and it uses one of your potions to fill up your health and mana maybe a 4 pip card what do you guys think?

Community Leader
What would be the point of having potions at all, then? They're meant to be another hard decision you have to make before a battle -- do I have enough health and mana to keep fighting? Should I use a potion now or save it? If I use it now, do I need to head back to a town to play some minigames?

I had to do a Life school quest this morning where I fought the same 1000 health boss nine times in a row. I had to decide after each fight if I was going to use a potion, and if I did, if I would need to use ALL of them, if this fight was even going to be possible...

It was good to have to make these tough choices. In the end, I didn't use any of them, but I was pretty low on mana at the end and I almost chose to use one before the final two battles.

Jun 30, 2008

I would think that if you were running low enough in health and/or mana that you were concerned about running out in a fight it would be noticible, and correctable, prior to engaging in battle. You would just sip a potion before engaging.
Or is your concern about health/mana deficiency being low after a battle has been going on for an extended period of time?