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Housing Item Can't Pick Up or Move

Jul 30, 2012
Minor bug: I have a large oval rug in my house (with almost a ying yang symbol on it, frilly edge) that i can't pick up or move. I can select it and it gets highlighted, but the pickup & move buttons do nothing on this item. I try this when there are no items on the rug, including planter pots. If i check my attic/house list it defintely does not show up as an item. I double checked 10 times in every category, it is defintely not there (I have two other rugs that do show up in the list). I have exited the house and re-logged in to Wizard101 many times - no effect. I don't want to try "pick up all items in house"; I don't see how that would do anything anyway as it doesn't show up in the attic/house list.

Not a big deal except its an ugly rug!

Sometimes newer housing items are "sticky" or a table gets wedged in a wall, etc. This is no trouble to fix.

1. Go to your house/dorm.
2. Click on your housing interface & then on the "attic" icon (the little round circle in the lower right corner with a light bulb on it)
3. There's 3 tabs, Attic, Backpack & House.
4. Click on the "House" tab and scroll the icons until you locate the item(s) you're wanting to pick up.
5. Double click the item to select, then click on "Move to Backpack".

Voila! Problem fixed! If you still have trouble, send an email to support@wizard101.com & please be sure to include your username, character name & exact item you're having trouble with!

Feb 13, 2012
I brought up the same issue with a rug:


Although no one responded to my forum post after more than a week, I did get the same advice from KI support and posted it in my reply. They've been corresponding with me about the glitch. If your problem is with a big red rug with a blue dot in the center, it's the same item. In addition to not being able to move it, the item does not show a picture next to it in inventory view.

Aug 07, 2012
when ever that happens to me it means you are loading something like if you where loading marleybone and you go home you would have to wait till you get done loading it

Jul 30, 2012
RottenHeart wrote:
If i check my attic/house list it defintely does not show up as an item. I double checked 10 times in every category, it is defintely not there

I must be crazy because it does show up in the list now. But I can not move it to my backpack. I can move other house items to my backpack, but not the Large Watcher Rug.

If i try moving the Large Watcher Rug to my backpack all of the "stated" items in the house list remain exactly the same, but the pictures all get "bumped up" one position as if the rug had been removed (ie: if the next item is a music player, it no longer shows a picture of a music player. Instead the music player shows a picture of potted bamboo plant). If i exit attic and re-enter all items are back to how they were.