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History of Magic relabeled as Library Book

Apr 28, 2012
The name that is above the book in the Harvest Lord's Tower (as of 6/2/12 11:30 am PDT) is Library Book and it was The History of Storm Magic. When I get the book, the message is still "completed: go to History of Storm Magic". It would be nice to be consistent and, if you are changing the name here, it should also be changed in the quest area which also refers to the book as The History of Storm Magic". Personally, I prefer "The History of Storm Magic" or, if you want to shorten it, "Storm Magic History" (maybe that would get around any copyright problems).

The first book in Library Dues quest is not labeled "Library Book" the History of Life Magic. Please make sure that all books have the same type of name either the full name of the book or "Library Book" to be consistent through out the game.

Jul 28, 2009
It's like that in some of the other boss encounters that have books for that quest, as well op, including History of fire, Ice, and death, if I'm not mistaken.

Thanks for the updates! We have addressed this in the changes that are currently on the Test Realm.