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High Resolution?! Yay!!! Tiny Gui! Whaaat!!!

Oct 16, 2011
Hello Kingisle,

I recently started playing wizard101 on a macbook pro with retina display, meaning that I can play the game at a higher resolution. However, when I play the game at that resolution, the GUI(Health/Mana/Battle Deck, Menu, etc.) are extremely tiny. I can barely see! It takes forever to find it and click it(yes I know this is lazy of me) but they are very small and not normal sized. Turning it down to a lower resolution helped, but then the game doesn't look good. Is there anything that I can do in order to fix this bug while keeping the resolution?

Thank you,

Sep 19, 2013
Phenomenal resolution! Itty bitty GUI!
Sorry, couldn't help myself.
If the high resolution is non-negotiable, try looking at your 2d stats display in combat to see your health, and press C to view your character page, where you can view your Health, Mana, and Energy.

Oct 16, 2011
Well I just realized something too. The resolution was never high. It just said it was but it was 1440x900, just with a smaller GUI. That's kind of disappointing XD, but it's all good. Maybe someday in the future, Wizard101 will get support for retina display. Thanks for the advice though! Nice joke btw