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Help.... please make another character bank

Aug 21, 2009
I've noticed and have been complaing to my friends in game that my load times are unbearable and never used to be like that. When I asked what could be causing the problem in the forums I was told that it was possibly that I was carrying too many treasure cards on me, and that sounds very reasonable since the loading lag did start up around the time I started making a large amount of already known cards as treasures to put in my draw area. It is easier for me to make a bunch at a time than it is to constantly be making such cards, anyway, I also have a large amount of regents that I have found and a large amount of food of which I don't know whether they also slow down my load times between areas.

So what I would like is another off character bank in which I can put my treasure cards, food, and regents into, even if only the characters who put such items into the bank can access them in order to cut my load times down to as little as possible. If having too many treasures is causing a load time problem, then that is something that I think Wizard101 staff should address and fix. I think an off character bank would be the best solution.

Does anyone know if food and regents slow down load times, and can I have some sort of confirmation on whether treasure cards do to.

Apr 02, 2010
I like this idea, I could put scrap iron and black lotus reagents in there.

Or just make it you can put reagents in the bank, period, since you craft in your room anyways. And how about an "ALL reagents" transfer, transfer ALL of one kind of reagent.

While I am at it, how about a sell ALL of ONE kind of reagent at the bazaar?

May 22, 2009
Well, before you start blaming it on the amount of stuff in your backpack, maybe you should consider these things...

The new update has made the whole wiz101 game harder on computers, and that means it might just be slower because of that.

Check you internet connection, it could just be shakey.

Maybe your computer is just starting to slow down.

Hope it helps!

Apr 05, 2009
i like this idea it's really good but you might want to check your internet if its shakey