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Help Pages in Spellbook

What would be the one thing that would be the most helpful to add to the Help Pages in the Spellbook? There are a lot of things we'd like to add to the Help Pages, but if you could pick just one thing that would help you the most right now, what would it be?

Thanks for the feedback!

Jul 15, 2008
Ok well I'm not sure about help but I do have a few things that could be added.

Things such as Boss Fight List: Whenever you defeat a boss a number would go up so all on 0 would be ones you havent defeated and 1+ would be how many time you defeated a certain boss. Or maybe just a tick next to the boss to show you have defeated them.

Maybe a Pet List: Whenever you get a boss/ special/ shop/ beta pet it would add a tick next to the pet so then pet collectors can know what they still need.

Quest List: Same as others but name of quests so all Hardon questers have a chance to know what quests they still need.

About the Help I am completely not sure what to add. Maybe show us some of the ideas you might want to add and then forum posters can decide?