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Health Orbs

Mar 18, 2009
So, they put mana orbs in all the zones instead of just the home areas...this has apparently created a shortage of health orbs since people use those far more than the mana ones.

I would suggest they look at the ratio of health to mana spawns because what is happening is I see 5 or 6 mana ones and maybe 1 health one. It was fine before when there were no mana ones since once you are past level 10 you have enough mana to go a pretty long while but health goes fast after fighting awhile.

Agree or disagree?

Aug 19, 2008
Okay....FIRST...I would like to note that KI was brilliant to add the mana "dots" in all the areas....because it eliminates us going to the common areas where there have been problems of late.

But you are right: the ratio of red dots to blue dots should be 10:2 or thereabouts.

Feb 27, 2009
I agree. There are far too many blue orbs in an area compared to red ones. If the current ratios were switched so that there would be a lot of health orbs and only a few mana orbs it would be fine.

I also feel that it was fine the way it used to be. Mana orbs could be grabbed in non-combat areas, not to mention playing games for a quick fill.

Currently one must resort to drinking a potion to regen health if no health orbs are in the instance. A few fizzle prone battles and a wizard is quickly out of potions. Not good...

Dec 31, 2008
Agree :-) . Adding mana wisps to Wizard City fighting areas? Excellent idea; low level characters need mana quite often. Having a few mana wisps in long towers like Big Ben? Also excellent. Having them in fighting areas of other worlds? Not necessary. Current availability of health wisps in, say, Krokotopia fighting areas? Way too low, where it was fine a week ago.

Now it's possible KI is encouraging us to switch from gear that boosts mana and health to gear that just boosts health, as part of some grand plan about the overall balance of gear boosts. Or maybe the professors want us to learn earlier to end our battles in good health, rather than relying on health wisps everywhere you look. But I kinda doubt it. I think the wisp ratios are just off at the moment.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Veridian wrote:
Agree or disagree?

Agree. I think having to plan ahead as to mana cost was a very good thing. Now, all the items that boost Mana aren't really worth it, just go for the Health Rings, etc.

Yes, you have troubles at early levels with Mana, but mana was there, so not a major problem.

My guess is it is a major mistake during the update as it wasn't listed in the Patch Update, and this is a very major change in the game.