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Health Bubble

Feb 14, 2009
When I logged off last night my health was at 1601, when I logged on after the update today my health was at 1438. Can someone explain to me why this happened. I noticed some of the health benefits from clothing which I bought with crowns was lower. Are bonuses from clothes you buy with crowns temporary? If not I would like some help on getting my health back please.

Mar 16, 2009
I experienced this same problem with my health. As well as many others on my friends list. However, i did not notice if it was related to my clothing or not.
Everything I am wearing was purchased with crowns and if our health decrease is due to their values being lowered I will feel pretty cheated. I purchased my clothing because of the benefits that they give not just the way they look on my avatar.
If that is indeed the case and it is not corrected very soon then ny crowns will be the last purchase to KingsIsle and this will be my last month of playing Wizard 101. We pay real money to play this game and to wear a lot of these items for the benefits that they give us. If these benefits are able to be suddenly decreased without any explanation or warning then I can no longer do business with KingsIsle no matter how much I like this game.
There are other MMORPG games out there that cost less and have there own pros and cons in regards to gameplay. I really thought I found a good fit for me and my family with Wizard 101. Though, I will not be cheated by any company no matter how small the circumstances are.
However, I must stress to KingsIsle that this is not a threat it is a fact and I am not trying to tell anybody else what to do. I am suggesting that they make their own decisions based on the morals and beliefs that they were raised with.
Ok I am done venting and appreciate any attention that this reply might get.

Dec 02, 2008
Check the stats on each piece of gear you have now and compare them to the stats on each piece of gear before the patch.

Dec 31, 2008
Hmm. I wear the old triton robe and dryad boots, crown gear that I purchased with in-game gold, and my max health did not go down overnight. So if it is gear related, it did not affect all high-boost crown gear.

I hope you get your boosts back!

Jan 23, 2009
I am betting that you both have clothes you bought from zeke.

All my clothes from zeke on all my wizards are not MUCH lower then they were. Which I find extrodinarily unfair since i actually had to buy them.

At thier current level i wouldn't have purchesed them. I have drops that have higher health, also they have no damage anymore. I was already wondering why they went from plus damage to minus damage (which i must admit i don't understand) but now they have nothing and smaller heatlh to boot!

I am hoping this is a glitch that will be fixed and announced

Feb 14, 2009
Thanks for your post Mascott.

Although I feel the same as you do, I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt. After letting my kids look at the gear I bought they seem to remember exactly what the stats on my gear was and that is what has changed. I can now wear clothes that I loot or buy with in-game gold with better stats then clothes that I spent $25 dollars in crowns with.

This happened right after the update so I'm hoping they will either reimburse crowns or somehow make up for the changes. If they completely ignore the fact that this has happened then I can guarantee you that I'm done as well.

Jan 23, 2009
i absolutely agree with you about the crowns i have started a thread and sent a letter.

you can not run a business by selling one thing and then giving another. I am a huge fan of this game but i will not be taken advantage of.

I really want them to fix this and in the future if they want to change something give me the option of RETURNING for the full value.

This is not pretend money I had to use my credit card for these garments.

You want to find away to kill a great meal change the ingredients.

Mar 16, 2009
Absolutely Sojourna,

I can deal with glitches and bugs every now and then. As keeping this game fun and current has to be an enormous undertaking that I can't even begin to fathom.
However, this affects the REAL money I work for, and the weekly allowances that so many kids contribute to the success of KI.
Of course I will give them the benefit of the doubt and see what their response is to this matter. Not doing so would be unfair to them as much as this situation is unfair to all of us. With that in mind I can't wait long when it comes to my bank account. No matter how small the amount may be, we are in a recession right now and every penny counts.
I would hate to have to find another form of entertainment for my daughter and I. As I enjoy this game very much.

During the April 16th downtime, we addressed the issue with players who found their Crowns items were not granting the health bonus that they previously gave.

You should find your health boost back where it was before the April 13th update.

Thanks to all our players who alerted us to this discrepancy.

Mar 16, 2009
Thanks for the quick response Gamma. I am extremely pleased to see this issue resolved so promptly. You can bet that I will be subscribing for a long time to come when the customers complaints are met with such great service. I love the game and my daughter would have been greatly disappointed if she could not sit on my lap and watch me play anymore.