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Havn't be able to get on

Sep 08, 2008
For the past couple of weeks anytime i try to log on to wizard 101 it says
"Uh-oh wizard 101 has encountered a problem. Refer to solution 107 in the knowledge base to address the issue: unable to connect to wizard server. Please try again later." I've been trying for weeks. I don't know how to fix it.

This is caused by a failure to contact the login server.

1. The server may be down. Try again after a few minutes. Also it is a good idea to check the forums and your email for any information about updates that could be affecting the server status.
2. If you've been able to play before, and this just started happening, try resetting your router/modem, or repairing your computer's internet connection. (Just right click on the icon in the system tray and choose 'repair').

If this is your first time trying to play, it is probably a Firewall or Router blocking access to the program, or the ports that it is trying to communicate through. Please make sure that Wizard101 is on your Firewall's exceptions list (this allows it to access the internet). You can also make the following changes to port settings on your Firewall and/or Router.

The ports to allow: tcp 12000 for login, tcp 12500 for patch, tcp/udp 12000-12999 for game

3. If you have recieved this error and have already opened up the necessary ports, then please try checking for other firewalls on your computer. It may be that one firewall could be set up to block certain IP ranges. If you can temporarily disable that firewall, the patches should be able to load.

If you continue to see errors, please contact Support from the Ask A Question section on Wizard101.com.