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Have the animations sped up?

Jul 17, 2008
I logged in tonight to level up my new life/balance wizard and noticed that my sand beetle seems to attack way faster than before. Am I crazy, or have some (or all) of the spell animations been shortened/sped up?

I hope so. Otherwise I'm losing it.

On a side note, speaking as a childless 30 year-old, I'm impressed with this game's universal appeal. I jumped in during the beta out of curiosity and got hooked in.

During my second day of playing my significant other walked in the room, watched me play for a while, and then demanded I immediately install the game on the other household computer. We've been playing together since and now we're both subscribers.

It's amusing to come home from work and hear, "Good, you're home, come help me with this boss!"

So great job. I hope Wizard101 becomes a smashing success.

Jul 05, 2008
i could swear tempest is a little faster now.. or i'm just crazy too