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Mar 05, 2009
This would be a great idea to add to the game, because when i made my grandmaster i never noticed the back of his hair it makes him look like a girl. This would be a major improvement.

Jun 09, 2009
yes i like the idea of having more creative influence over the look of my character other than just facial features, maybe like body type, hair style, hair color also i really dont like the idea of changing color of clothes being so expensive it takes away from the enjoyment of the gameplay, as of right now it is the only way to make your character unique and when you get higher levels it can cost more then the clothes just to have a different color

May 28, 2009
Seriously! It is only realistic to expect that people will want to change their hair style / color over time. It is the natural way of things. I have posted this suggestion before that we have a way to change our hair at the very least. Of course, once that is put in everyone will want a plastic surgeon as well. Shrug.

Feb 14, 2009
i so agree, doesnt seem fair its like we all are copies of one another, i also agree on the cloths it doesnt seem fair that the dye cost so much, they should cut cost in half

it stinks that you cant pick your eye color and smile also, and the hair isnt that many to choose from :(

Jan 30, 2009
the higher lvl u r the higher price u'll need 2 pay for ur colors. but if u get the arena gears it only cost 50 gold for any color!

Feb 26, 2009
I wanna update my character Fiona SOOOOOO badly. She is a Grandmaster Necromancer, but she has long light blonde hair, light blue eyes, and pink lips. (Not very deathlike eh?) I would like to be able to make our characters taller or shorter, let them get contacts to change their eye color, (some way to change their mouth? Please?) And hair differences, I would make my character have deep purple eyes, normalish lips, and redish blonde hair. PLASTIC WIZARD SURGION! >:3 (Though maybe one of the new schools with be a medical school? hehehe)

Fiona Starcatcher.
Grandmaster Necromancer.

PS: I am sooooo hoping that we will be able to grow, race, and battle with our old pets. I love my pet wraith Jessie SOOOO much