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Group finding tool

Feb 03, 2009
I think it would be nice if there were a tool that would help you find other players in the same area or working on the same quests as you. Sometimes I'm just bored of soloing and want company.

Yes, I make lots of friends, but I tend to play a lot more than most of them and quickly outdistance them in levels and the areas I'm playing in. Also, I often play during times that most of the wizarding world is asleep, times when it's hard to find someone to group with.

I think this would be especially useful for long instances. When I want company for an instance I usually wait outside and switch from realm to realm looking for others about to go in. But you can only do that every minute or so, enough time to completely miss someone. I've also tried going to the commons area and calling out for others interested, but that isn't very effective either.

I could ask a friend to come, but I really hate to when it's something they don't need and the instance is long. I would much rather meet someone new that has the same objectives I do and group with them.

It's just something I hope you will consider adding to an already great game :)