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Group Battle Algorythm

Mar 07, 2010
If I'm grinding with a friend, and I go into the fight first, the enemies will hit only me. If my friend gets in first, the enemies only hit him/her. I've noticed this quite a lot before posting about it.

It seems that if people join the same battle, but one person goes in first and the others a bit late, the enemies only hit that first person. It doesn't happen 100% of the time, but it happens a lot. Could someone shed some light on this for me please and thank you? :-)

Feb 15, 2010
your not the only one :( i always get hit if im first and last time i tried to defeat a monster or boss im pretty sure they took me down in five turns

Blaze Skyfistlvl 22 Ice/Life

Jun 08, 2009
In multi-enemy fights, the enemy's targets is always set through a specific means.

1) If it is one person with multiple enemies, they will always attack that person (obviously).

2) If one person starts a fight, then other people jump in after the first turn, all the current enemies will still attack the first player. However, new enemies that wander in will target each new player that joined in the order that joined the fight.

For example using this simple text picture



If player A enters a fight vs. enemies A&B, then after the first turn players B,C, and D join, enemies A&B will still attack player A. When enemies C&D join the fight, they will attack players B&C respectively.[/code]

3) In multi-enemy fights when players all join the fight at the start at the same time, enemies will attack the player directly across from them.

4) Now, AFTER the fight has gone on a few turns, you might notice that some enemies will change their targets. This is due to the threat mechanic that was designed to the game. If damage enemies but not kill them, or heal others with spells, the enemies notice and very often will change their target to you. This is because they recognize you are currently more of a threat to their survival that other players. This mechanic can be used to draw enemy attacks intentionally from other players so they take less damage.

Mar 07, 2010
Thank you for that reply, much appreciated.

From what I understand by your reply, (forgive me if I misunderstood it), this shouldn't matter as long as players join in the same turn.

However, the problem occurs even when a player joins before the turn is completed or if they join during the same turn. I could join on the very same turn, or my friend could join on the very same turn, but if they or I am late by .05 seconds, often-times, we get the "only 1 player gets hit" deal.

This MMO is different from others, which is why I inquired to make sure if it was a bug or just part of the algorithm. But joining a battle during the very same turn your friend did, only .03 seconds later, (still during the same turn), and having only one player being hit just seems odd altogether, and almost even counter-productive to what an MMO is, a game that's not single-player, where you need your party members. Having this occur, completely fizzles the teamplay aspect of the game. It happens often enough too

Mar 07, 2010
I think perhaps I'm simply misunderstanding how the battle system works.

Thank you again for the reply