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Grizzleheim Sudrilund bear Farseer stuck in cage

Dec 30, 2013
this is for my lev 55 myth wizard Arthur Mythbringer

Grizzleheim Sudrilund (part of Winter Tusk) bear Hrothgar Farseer is located in a cage near the entrance to Sudrilund. he gives a side quest to go defeat GH sudrilund Kormak (in a cave dungeon). unfortunately something is wrong with the coding.

I received "talk to Hrothgar (Farseer)" in my quest journal after defeating Kormak the 1st time. the side quest from Hrothgar Farseer could not be resolved because the question mark over Hrothgar Farseer's head remained grayed out. (when I clicked on the grayed out question mark this did not finish the quest entry in Arthur's quest journal)

I have now beaten Kormak two more times now & his question mark still remains grayed out

this strange behavior of talk to Hrothgar not resolving in the normal manner happened before with one of my other wizards. it was not resolved until after that other wizard had opened the dragon gate and thus activated the teleport stone near Sudri. at that point the question mark over Hrothgar Farseer turned white and the quest could then be finished

since I have two more wizards who will do this quest I would prefer you fix the coding rather than just giving Arthur his XP

Sep 17, 2012
It's a known bug, but it's just a matter of moving around into the correct position to unlock the cage. Just move around the cage a bit until the Unlock dialogue appears.

Dec 30, 2013
by slowing moving around the cage at various points an unlock (the cage) dialogue box replaces the standard dialogue box of an uncompleted quest. I was able to complete the quest by opening the unlock dialogue box

this is an easily fixable bug. as soon as Kormak Shadowclaw is defeated the uncompleted quest dialogue box associated with Farseer in the cage should become disabled so that when the victorious wizard is near the cage only the unlock dialogue box appears. this fix would end the present confusion of two different dialogue boxes that can appear - only one of which can end the quest