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Grands and Magus

Sep 21, 2008
I noticed the arena doesnt have a level filter when it comes to "matching". I always enjoy getting stuck with grands to fight ageinst :) when my team is "hero of unicorn way!" Maybe a little level filter? Or a level filter reward program? I'm trying to get the level 35 gear so it can get easier for me to level but the arena is VS me. I get stuck with a grand and then I get 3 arena tickets... maybe put in if your fighting against some one higher 10 levels or more... you get bonus tickets?

Dec 14, 2008
I believe it goes by rank not level filter.... but the people you are fighitng, if they were decked out grands then probably anotehr bad sport at arena, a new thing where you dropped your score on purpose then win battles in the private section of battle so they can horde tickets in case new egar comes out O_O. if they put a level filter then low level warlords wont find a battle and high level privates may not find a battle

Dec 27, 2009
I completely agree with you! I think they should make a better level filter in the arena. I really don't like fighting low levels on my grandmaster.... it gets really boring... I want some challenge!