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Gold in the Shared Bank

Jul 21, 2009
Hello, KingsIsle. I have a simple request that I feel needs to be dealt with. You see, on one of my characters I really need gold. On my other character, I have a lot of gold. I wish to be able to place gold in the Shared Bank so that I can transfer gold to my other character. I feel that this would make it a lot easier for fellow Wizards to transfer gold to their other characters.

I feel that this would help benefit the Wizard101 commnity as a whole. We work hard to get gold, only to find that we cannot use it on our other characters. Another way to deal with this situation is to maybe have a shared balance of gold over all of our characters, like we hve a sared balance of Crowns. However, sometimes multiple people play on the same account, and want their gold to be theirs to spend. Becuse of this, I ersonally tink that the best solution would be to allow plaers to put gold into the Shared Bank.

I believe that this is an important issue and I hope that you address it. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post on this thread. Thank you very much for reading this!

~ Sophia Louseyes

Dec 19, 2008
I totally agree! But heres a nice suggestion ;D

Say you have a Legendary (60) player, but your level one needs money!

But the ITEMS from your Legedary in your Shared Bank and Let your Novice take them, to sell at bazaar

Thanks, Edward Night

Dec 27, 2008
Hello, KingsIsle.
ok I need to move my gold from one characters to an other characters. one of my characters is a lvl 16 life/death wizard. I have been selling my crowns for gold to buy good stuff. so I have lot of gold left. i just found out that the wizard i should be making is a death/life wizard. i use the life spell like Fairy lvl +, Sprite lvl 10, Spirit Armor lvl 16, Satyr lvl 26, Regenerate lvl 28, Rebirth lvl 48 to heal and the death spell like Sacrifice lvl +, Ghoul lvl 5, Vampire lvl 16, Wraith lvl 42, Scarecrow lvl 48, to heal me.
all the life spell i can buy with points but the i have to be in the death school to to get Sacrifice lvl +. i am going to restart my wizard but i need to give all the gold and stuff to my new wizard first. i payed "REAL" money to buy those crowns that i use to get the gold on the life wizard.