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Mar 24, 2016
Hello people of kingsisle, i need to report some issues i'm having w/ wizard 101. there are so many lags and glitches that i needed to come here. first things first... blades and shields, sometimes appear black, very dark or not even at all. second, pips either they show up or don't. when casting a spell like storm for say, it will sometimes appear 'broken' or 'fractured'. and some of the symbol will be missing. this goes for all of the school symbols when casting. Marleybone and some other worlds are SUPER laggy and i cannot tell how exceedingly frustrating this is when moving around and in battles. next when i logout of a character to choose another one, some of the desks and flooring appear black. also sometimes other characters faces appear to be blurry,and you cannot see the facial features. when you open the spell book, many things appear to be missing like icons, percentages, and some of the spell book to like the edges. the cards sometimes don't appear and within the deck they are either black cards or not there at all. text boxes are sometimes split in half, missing or almost all gone. this doesn't happen very often with the text itself though. the icons that have the,go to commons or oasis and mark location sometimes go missing but you can still click on it. If you read this letter i would be very appreciative and happy. if you can please try to fix most of these issues, i don't know if this goes on for other players as well, but i just spent $80 on a year-round membership and i want to put it to good use, and these things are ruining my experience. i will also report anymore problems if i see any, but PLEASE try to help me, i don't care if i cant get on wizard 101 for a month i just really want to play the game with no problems! please message me back or do something to let me know you have read this and will work on it.


Nov 28, 2010
I have times where sometimes ground areas will go missing, Triton Avenue in particular. The street will either go completely black, or disappear entirely where I can see the walls extended down below street/sidewalk level.

I also have a bunch of equipment that appears semi-transparent. It looks like you do shortly after you finish a duel in that transition period between the end of the battle and mobs being able to pull you in again. The Royal Uniform of the Whirlwind and the Royal Boots of the Whirlwind are two, and the other one is the Robes of Starfire. Blades will sometimes do this as well. You can see them, but you can also see through them.

There is a lot of lagging too, but I usually only experience it when other wizards are either in duels, or the game is downloading data for gear others have equipped. It is frustrating though because it's caused me to walk right into duels because I'm still moving even after my screen gives the appearance that I have completely locked up.

Some of those other issues I've never seen before. They sound pretty serious. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? I don't know if that would help. Could also be your hardware or software. My computer is almost 7 years old now still running Windows XP, and I've always chalked up most issues to my system being "old". I didn't consider my issues to be catastrophic enough to pass along to KI, but maybe it'll lead to something that'll help you. Hope you can get things working better.

Dec 05, 2012
I have had problems that sound early similar to yours and it only happened when o was at my relatives house. It could just be your computer having trouble adapting to their house wifi or you just have bad connection. It could even be your not connected to their wifi yet.


Uninstalling the game and reinstalling is a good place to start. If that doesn't help, please send an email to support@wizard101.com for assistance.

Mar 24, 2016