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Glitch or not?

Jul 21, 2011
I don't know if this is a glitch in the game or not but when I did the quest for my level 28 balance spell/s I received only the Spectral Blast and not the Judgement spell which I am told by many I receive at level 28. I have done every quest I can find so I know I didn't miss any. When I go to Alhazred at the sphinx he offers me no quests and the last balance spell I have coming is my level 42 spell and the quest that is still coming is Takin' the Omnibus. So did I just not receive the spell for some unknown reason or have I messed up somewhere? Someone please help :-( I'm level 37, almost 38 and I don't have that spell and I really would like to have it lol

Jun 23, 2010
"Takin' the Omnibus" is the 2nd of three quests to get Judgement. Finish that and you should receive "The Winds of Change" after completing that you should get Judgement. You may need to do a summoning and go back to the teacher to totally finish the quest.