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Gift cards should be sold online

Mar 19, 2010
Well i like playing wizard101 because i think it is a really awesome game, but when the gift cards were introduced i was a bit disheartened. I am not American and when i first heard of these gift cards i was really excited. I started the game only a few weeks ago and i overheard someone talking about them in the commons. I thought i would go see if they were cool or not and then i saw that for the majority of the stores its USA only. I know there arent any Rite Aid or or other stores like that where i live, there is a best buy and WalMart but i dont think they would sell them. (Although, i havent checked.) I know the game was created in America with the American creators, but i dont think its right that on a worldwide game some players from different countries are left out over the others. I think if KingsIsle put them on the Wizard101 store then they would probably get a lot more buyers of the cards. If you agree then please post or if you have something to point out that i have missed then please post too.

Nathan StormRider
GrandMaster Storm
PvP rank: Commander 869

Thank you for your input young Wizard, however we have no control over where the Gift Cards are sold, those are handled by a third party company.

Should they become available outside of the US we will certainly let our international players know.

Jan 06, 2009
Hi there. Know the feeling as I'm a UK-based player. Have found some gift cards on ebay.co.uk. Bought a couple, no problems. Bit limited selection tho. Hoping that the seller will be getting more soon. I keep checking regularly. Good hunting :)

Feb 14, 2009
If you look on the cards, it tells you the company which distributes them, which currently only does so in america, to fix this you'd have to go to the shipping company, or ask wizard101 to get a new shipping company

Aug 19, 2008
The game company I work for started off with only having cards available in the U.S. but eventually expanded to Canada and the UK

Perhaps KingIsle's business managers will eventually arrange something similar for Wizard 101 cards! It can take a long time to expand and get all the paperwork required for deals such as this.