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General Game Improvements

Feb 19, 2009
I am posting here, because I too am curious. Please tell me at least one thing you would like to see different about the game. Here are some of my own ideas (please reply if you agree or disagree with anything as well and state how you would improve the idea if applicable):

Allow ranked battles to have the option to fight specific opponents. On the flip side, also allow a setting that will not allow battles against certain opponents (a setting the user decides).

Friends List:
Raise the limit on friends to 200 from 100. I find myself accidentally deleting good friends to add another one (despite the new best friends option).

Stun Spells:
These are great when used effectively, however can also be a nuisance in pvp. My recommendation is to increase the required pips by one (specifically the ice and fire stun only spells - the ice giant and Storm Lord are good the way they are).

Bring back the better equipment line that was available before the March update. Those items were awesome and with the new world coming, would make great re-additions to the game.

I understand the level cap is increasing with the new world and that is great. I just want to say, please increase it by at least 15 levels and add more spells.

Pips in battle:
When full on pips, why not allow the white pips to turn yellow as opposed to losing the ability to continue to game pips. Allow the yellow pips to turn blue or green. The latter will be the same as 3 pips where yellow pips can still be like 2 pips. The yellow and blue colors apply only to the school of focus. I would imagine with spells that require 7 pips already, this limit will be increased as well, anyway.

Heal Spells:
Allow other schools to obtain heal spells capable of healing other team mates and allow those spells to be classified under each specific school of focus. For example, storm will have a heal spell that is a storm heal but can be used on other members of the party. The heal spells, would obviously need to be weaker than those of the life school.

There has been a recent change to texting. Before, I could type a message, click on my friend list, and select to send a message to a specific person prior to submitting it. Now if I click on anywhere outside the text box, the message automatically submits. This has become very annoying. Please revert to the old system. Also, I noticed that as each turn starts over in battle, the text box goes away. It would be great to be able to leave the text box there the whole time and not delete any part of the message I have begun to type including the "send to ..." or "reply to ...".

Add more words to the text database such as prior, substantiate, voila, etc.

These are just a few suggestions I have. Please provide your own and be specific as possible.