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Gardening Rewards Not Occuring - Not About Double Seeds

May 01, 2013
I just harvested my 24 plot of couch potatoes on my wizard Gabrielle Battleflame. I received the following:
3 amplify, 5 Infallible, 6 Fortify, 9 vengeance, 1 Empower TCs
This is significantly lower than my usual normal harvest when the "Double XP and Rewards" is not in play.
I have never, since 2012, only gotten 1 Empower at elder harvest of a 24 plot of CPs. I usually at least get half of my harvest amount. Around 10-12 Empower TCs, 9-17 Of all the other above named TCs.
I harvested the exact same amount of CPs (24) on Amber Skyweaver wizard at elder and received 10 Empowers, 12 Convictions, 6 Fortify, 9 Amplify, 7 Infallible, 7 Vengance Tcs. That is more than double, triple and 10x what Gabrielle Battleflame received for the exact same harvest. However this is the normal drop rate for gardening, not double.
Every time they run this "Member Benefit" since they changed it a couple months back, I end up losing seeds and not receiving even normal drop rewards for my elder harvests.The last time They did double gardening I was shorted 3 Couch Potato seeds on Gabrielle Battleflame, 8 King Parsley and 2 Couch Potato seeds on Amber Skyweaver and only received normal drop rates for all TCs and Mega Snacks for all 3 of my wizards (some were even lower than normal) My death only received 7 Empowers for a 42 plot of Couch Potatoes. Thats not even close to the normal drop. My normal drop rate of empowers is half of my seed amount.
I have screenshots and videos showing what was dropped on both Amber and Gabrielle for the current event and for all three wizards from the last event. I am actually afraid to harvest my big triple stacks on my death wizard this time after seeing what has happened this event with my other two.
I have sent KI numerous support request and they keep responding with an auto-reply about how they no longer give double seed rewards which has nothing to do with my current and re-occurring issue. Then they mark my support ticket as solved and close it. I am so frustrated with how it has been handled and it not ever getting resolved. If they actually read my request its very apparent that it has nothing to do with double seeds. I wish someone, a human, would actually look at my very well documented issue and help me resolve it.

Feb 12, 2015
Are you a subscribing member? If you aren't a subscribing member you won't get double rewards.