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Gardening harvesting glitch

Sep 18, 2012
Hi, I have had this problem on and off for as long as I have been playing Wizard. When harvesting plants, sometimes for no reason whatsoever I am unable to harvest. I can be standing right next to or even on the plant and cannot harvest.

What I have to do then is to go back into gardening mode and click the plant with my mouse to harvest it. The problem is this can be tricky when the plant are in pots, or when there are a lot of plants that need harvesting and you need to spend ages clicking each plant individually.

I have had this problem when playing both Wizard101.com and the UK vesion on all different house types and plant types, both pots and soil.

Has anyone else experienced this, or know a way around the problem?

Thanks in anticipation.

May 11, 2012
This occasionally happens to me also. Not all the time, but enough to be annoying.

AutumnFairyDreamer Level 79

Sep 17, 2012
I have had this happen when switching back out of gardening mode after casting my spells sometimes. Since I usually have to harvest between 40-60 plants it's much easier to just run around hitting X. When this happens to me what I do is hit <esc> to open the options menu, click quit and hit play again on the same wizard. This puts you back where you were outside your house. Recall to Home again and you can harvest like normal. It's always solved the issue and is much easier/faster than clicking every single plant in garden mode.

Mar 18, 2009
Same thing happens to me. I have to log out to character select to harvest them.