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Game is running slower then a turtle.

Dec 20, 2008
My game usually runs decently fast. But today its running very slow. I tried to go to my house but, the computer/game froze for 5 minutes, and told me "That area is unavailable" I tried going to several dungeons (Tartarus, Mirror Lake, Atlantia, and several dungeons in Azteca) and got the same message. Most of the areas i try to go to for shopping also listed as "closed" Shopping District, Bazaar, Olde Town, etc.

Its also re-downloading everything I've already loaded, mounts, movements, shadows, worlds, animations etc. I'm having 5-15 minute Lag spikes everywhere.

Messages are taking 2 minutes to send, and my character is literally running in slow motion.

Is there ANYTHING that I or you can do?
(P.S My computers programs are up to date, and i have really strong internet connection)


Please send an email to support@wizard101.com for assistance with this issue.