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Game glitches

Dec 22, 2008
Wintertusk is great for leveling up however I am getting tired of the flash glitches, I have fought 2 bosses now without being able to see them, it is happening everywhere. Please fix this, I understand that we are coming to the end of wizards but lets put as much effort into the final product as we did to the begining.

Nov 22, 2010
riodan wrote:
I understand that we are coming to the end of wizards

I certainly hope not

Oct 08, 2010
I am having trouble with freezing in the game from flashes in new sections of grizzleheim and crab alley it causes igfx game glitches. Can some one resolve this issue?

Feb 08, 2009
What is really frustrating is working hard to complete school pet quest only to not be able to see it after it htaches. Not only was the flashing lights and black sky totally frustrating but now not being able to see my new pet or others new pets that is even more frustrating.. PLZ fix this glitch as i can't even see my pet to feed him.

Thanks for time and cooperation,

Kayla Silver Legendary Storm

Nov 10, 2010
What is the story with diego's new ring and dagger?
It does not show the resist when i put it on.
My power pip % goes up and it says the gear is there.
But does not show anything in my resist stats.
I would like the tickets back and the gear gone if this is the case.

May 20, 2010
Bugs are to be expected in the development of any software. It doesn't matter how much testing is done. It's not feasible to replicate every possible combination of hardware, operating system, software, drivers, etc., that the game is going to be played on, let alone every possible key and mouse combination that might be pressed, deliberately or accidentally.

One of the reasons that the game may have been "cleaner" when it first came out is because there were fewer features and options then. All of these things interact with each other in various ways. The more things that are put into the game, the more chance there is of a conflict somewhere.

Oct 24, 2010
Professor Greyrose wrote:
We covered this issue in our Known Issues part of the Release notes here; https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/updatenotes/may2011

Although you covered the issue in the release notes, even after the maintenance of this morning, there are still problems with the flashing colors. Big time.
I am sending yet another report to support, with a new screenshot.
Most of the other glitches seem to have been addressed, so yay! :)