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Friends List Wiped

Dec 13, 2008
I was playing for a while earlier today, I logged off to go make some lunch, and when I launched the game again, logged in, and entered the game, my friends list was entirely gone! I checked in Online Friends, All Friends, and even my Ignore list was gone. I also checked my other character and the same thing had happened to him! I thought it might be a problem with my connection since that sort of thing generally happens with a connection loss, but I was still entering areas fine, viewing other players and their chat bubbles, and I could see all NPCs and monsters. What is the problem here?

EDIT*: After logging out and relaunching the game my friends list is now repopulated. However, I can no longer message one of my friends that appear to be online and if I teleport to him I merely end up at the port to the Atheneum in Dragonspyre.

*I just now noticed Professor Greyrose's announcement, so I suppose this topic is pointless now. :?