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Friends list suggestion

May 26, 2008
Would it be possible to change the order of the options on the friends list and put Remove toward the bottom? Currently, it is right under Go To Location. Even though it asks for confirmation, there have been times where a friend might need help in a hurry and I have almost removed them instead of visiting them. I don't think it would be necessary to have to put in a code like we do now when wanting to delete a wizard from our own account but at least make it more of a conscious effort to go to the bottom of the list for the remove option.

Jan 07, 2009
How about a place to put notes, like this one jumps around like his feet are on fire or this one puts himself in and doesn't fight but expects you to so he can get free credit.

Or how about an option, not to let them port to you? that one I'd go for in a big way. Nothing fun about someone showing up to find they are in over their head and just run, leaving me with another target to deal with.

How about one where you can place them in age sections? That way you would know if this one or that one has to eat dinner when mom yells and just leaves with no warning. Then not being able to say numbers is bad enough, but not being able to figure out, without a note pad next to your keyboard, who falls in the child group and who is a real adult.