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Friends list messed up

Sep 12, 2010
Ok on my friends list i will have a fried named brandon seaflower ask for help and i will open my friends list to port to him and it says there is no brandon seaflower in my list but when i click his name in the chat box his profile will pop up but it says robert seaflower but when i look at my friends list it says robert sea flower isnt online i was wondering why that was. Also when i port to him sometimes it says brandon and other times it says robert.

Hunter ghosthunter lvl 60 necromancer.
any help would be great

Mar 19, 2010
About 2 weeks ago a friend named Tara ported to me in my home just before I logged off the game. Beginning the next morning, all my wizards on that account and both my other accounts were named Tara in everyone's friends lists. I have 3 accounts so i have 2 of every school wizard. They all say Tara. I have reported this to wizard 101 and they sent me an email saying they received mine. However, the email said i would hear from them in 24 to 48 hours and i havent heard from them.