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Friends joining you

Dec 03, 2008

Is there anyway to log in as Do not Disturb or Invisible? I do not mind helping people but some become rather overbearing with their insistance for needing help. On more than one occasion I will respectfully decline because I am busy with my own quests and I have helped many people,but I don't want to spend every night doing so or dealing with a begging person about needing help.

I also think maybe a consent message for someone to join you would be extremely helpful as I have been joined by many smaller wizards while I am in the heat of battle without them asking me first. I hate to put anyone on ignore but it is becoming the only option it seems. By the way if I remove a friend do they still see me on their list and can they still "stalk" me by joining if on ignore or removed?
thanks in advance,

Community Leader
DeliaFangz wrote:

Is there anyway to log in as Do not Disturb or Invisible?

Oh, I love this idea! I don't mind helping, but lately I find that I'm doing more of that than my own quests.

(It's also difficult to get that help in return. I'm beginning to think that I'll only finish the Sunken City when I'm tough enough to go it alone.)