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Friend teleporting to you

Dec 13, 2008
I want to suggest to make a way to control if you want friends to teleport to you or not. I know that most of us (especially higher level wizards) have had friends who just when you log in they teleport to you to see the worlds they can't get in yet. I mean it's ok if they want to see it but to port to you all the time when you are in a instance level and are fighting they port to you, see that is too hard and leave and you stay fighting with more monsters. Or they port, stay in battle but don't use any spells either because they don't have much mana and don't want to spent them and at the end they get rewards which i think it is not fair.
I have tried talking to them asking to plz ask before porting. Some at least now ask but others i have had to erase them from my list( because they just think they can level up faster and cheat their way to the game) but still i will like to see in the near future a way to control friends teleporting to you.
Thx for your time.