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Friend Requests Causing Users to Crash

Dec 12, 2008
Ok I've brought this issue up in a few posts, and thought it would be better to make a seperate one. Now even though I dislike having to battle the hordes of Friend Requests with my trusty decline button and mighty Ignore Hammer of ignoring. I have run into a new issue some friend requests are crashing me they pop up and SHAZAAM!!! back to desktop. It may have to do with pressing enter sometimes I'm typing and before i press enter the window pops up. Whats even worse is now there on my friends list.

So now there's two issues not only have i crashed i have unintentionally added someone. This is quite bothersome since its bad for anything battle oriented. Its happened to me on multiple occasions, one being in the arena..... and two just walking around in the game. I shouldn't have to log back on when someone decides they want me to be their teleport tool and crashes me. . . Now I'm not just asking for a fix in fact just a fix would be an insult to everyone who wants the friends request and teleport setting added.

I mean if you can fix this you can give us the simple means of standard social preferences many games nowdays and back some provide.

Dec 18, 2008
i have the same problem especially in wizard city

if i port there while having my mummy out, everyone instantly sends me a friend request. to many at once and poof back to the desktop.

Sep 08, 2008
One simple way for Wizard101 of solving that problem is to include an option that either allows friend requests, or completely blocks all of them.

When players really do want each other on the friend list, they can temporarily turn off that option, and then turn it back on.