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freezing quest log

Feb 21, 2013
hello, i was just wondering, why is my quest log freezing up? up until a few weeks ago, i was able to click on a quest and it would show on the bottom, but now, i can still go ONTO my quest log, i just can't click on one this is very irritating can you please fix it

Jul 19, 2009
This could be a result of two things ( both of which have happened to me as well, so don't freak ). One, when you log in it could have turned off your quest arrow in options. In that case, press 'Esc' on your keyboard, and go to gaming options (I think that's the right option title). Or it could be a 'find something' quest. The arrow wouldn't show up, but the quest title would. If neither of those seem to be the case, I suggest reporting this to Mr. Lincoln. Good luck!