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Free more manders! Burn more mummies!

Dec 31, 2008
Some of my favorite activities in quests have been freeing the fairies and freeing the manders. OK, and setting the mummies on fire . I would love it if these objects could still be activated after I have completed the goal or the quest.

Can we have an option under game play to turn interactive objects for completed quests on or off? Since the frozen lake is instanced, you get to free some more mander slaves every time you play it, but even then I would be happy to free every mander I pass while I'm in there just to see them do their happy dance! When I find myself in Unicorn Way I would happily pause to set a few more fairies free. When you don't want to be distracted you could just turn them all off like they are now. It wouldn't have to be every crate and barrel, but the ones that do something when you collect them would be nice.

Dec 02, 2008
In non-instanced areas, this could lead to fewer of the quest items being out, making it harder for people who need to do the quest to actually do it. This could also lead to players who want to use one item (e.g., a wooden chest) having the game record it as using the irrelevant quest item instead. Those are both minor drawbacks, I suppose, but it's not hard to imagine players being able to destroy quest items using that for griefing.

Feb 05, 2009
I was hoping for this on a previous post I made (one of my crazy random idea posts), but like with the fires in the mooshu village, I was thinking that maybe all interactive object could have some sort of track per player. That way you could free the fairies, stop the fires, pluck all the bad mushrooms, etc until all where gone and you wouldn't see those interactive again. However, the interactive would be there for other players entering the area. I think this might though lead to a sizable increase in character file size thought, keep track of the a table of interactive (the size would depend on the table though). in the case of like freed mander or healed village the interactive would stayed healed or freed (maybe even the manders fleeing the area after awhile). This would sort of be like partially instancing areas. even still it would be probably a bit of coding and a character file size increase for the database table (which file size I know is a limiting factor in most morph.). I would say great Idea though I would love to see it. certain instances you could leave their unlock parts too like katzestain lab, so we can run to keep beating up smogger. another idea which would be could would be to basically make everything remembered instances, where the mob reset after going to another instance, however, it would then be nice if the instance reset time increased to full 4-5 day, this would solve the problem of kids with parents who don't like there kids playing 4-5 hours a day, (even though it happens quite often in other games. Again that would increase file sized keep though.