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Four annoying glitches

Jul 24, 2011
I'm not sure if I'm the only one this has been happening too, but I have four really annoying glitches to tell you. The minor glitch first. In Marleybone, when I walk around the edges, I keep getting caught on to the wall so it starts "rubber-banding" me to the same place. And, the major glitch is whenever I play Doodle Doug, what sounds like a really huge clock starts ticking. And the bad part is, when I finish playing Doodle Doug, it keeps happening, so I can't listen to the awesome music. When I tried turning everything down, the sound effects were the things that housed the annoying clock ticking. Another one is REALLY annoying. This is when I'm in an area, it ill load really slowly so I'll thing there's no enemies in the area, then when I start walking it pulls me into a battle, and sometimes I'll have really low health or mana, or, I just don't want to do a battle, I have to flee! One more problem, the sound sometimes doesn't work and it isn't playing. Then, when I finally hear it, it all comes at once! Please help! Fix these in the Khrysalis Part 2 update or one of the monthly updates please! I just won't be able to stand it much longer! Please! Thanks for reading!

Cole GoldenFlame, Level 37 Pyromancer "Level UP!" World: Marleybone Area: Counterweight West

Feb 07, 2011
the rubber-banding has been happening to me as well. i hope this gets fixed asap.

Feb 04, 2012
For the "rubber-banding" it happens a LOT too.. especially In Marleybone. I believe one of the Prisons is REALLY pull-y (often gets you into a battle)
For the loading, if you know this is an area with mobs, wait at the enterance and see if it loads. If it doesn't, try sticking to the side.

Rosy Blueflower, level 95 Myth

Sep 16, 2010
In Marleybone I get pulled into battle when I'm off to the side. Also, when I'm walking I also get the 'rubber-banding' and lose connection and when the computer loads I'm all of a sudden in a area I already passed. I hope this problem will get fixed and your not the only one that experiences this glitch.

Jennifer Angleheart 49