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Forest Sprite (Life Minion)

Feb 18, 2009
I am a level 46 wizard who loves using her pixie fairy (the Forest Sprite). Until recently that is.

I've noticed lately that it does not heal me at all. Or if it does, it uses the lowest level heal, the one that costs 1 pip, and does a heal over 3 rounds. And only when I'm down to half my points. But it heals itself constantly.

And forget it if other people are fighting the battle with me. It then focuses all it's healing on the lowest health level person. And I don't mean the person who has the lowest health because their health has dropped from being attacked. I'm talking the person with the lowest health if we all had 100% full health.

This is frustrating if you are taking the brunt of the damage, and are, say, fighting with much lower level people.

Is this a glitch? Or has this always been this blatantly obvious and I just never noticed it until getting to Dragonspyre?

Aug 19, 2008
I have to laugh...I think she has always been this way. Some joke that she needs glasses! I do find there are times she does better than others, guess if not she wouldn't still be in my deck!

Have you tried using an absorb shield on her? Sometimes that helps her perform more to my needs than hers.

Jan 08, 2009
I don't know why.. my Forest Sprite all ready used Fairy, Unicorn, Satyr... I Don't know what is the problemwith yours. When they fizzle they use an higher each time.