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Food for thought

Jan 31, 2009
cyrus drake (the myth teacher dude in wizard city) is pretty pessimistic if not down right lacking in people skills(as far as the quest lines go).

The food for thought is, how many pessimistic people do u know that believe in myths?

Doesnt drake (through the quest lines) have no faith in people? and if thats the case why have faith in a myth?

ah well maybe he just had a midlife crisis along with mythical failure and is no longer the naive bubbly twit that one could imagine believing in myths.... but we all know we would like to wop him one good time with a good spell card

Dec 02, 2008
The problem with asking how many people "believe in myths" is that if some people believe in something and some don't, then they disagree on whether it's a myth.

Community Leader
Zangettsu wrote:
... but we all know we would like to wop him one good time with a good spell card

Aw, come on! Let's cut my favorite professor some slack here!

Ok, so, he's not exactly a people person; neither was Sherlock Holmes and look how popular he turned out to be!

Besides, I have it on good authority that Professor Drake always returns his library books, never fakes a limp so that he can park in the handicapped space, and has not once hit me up for money or asked me to help him move. Those last two facts alone puts him head and shoulders above half the people I knew in college.