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Jul 06, 2012
I know how you feel. a storm wizard can fizzle, in fact all wizards do sometimes. I would say to either make a new wizard or just keep trying. It gets better, don't worry. And finally for the minion I know they are useless they heal themselves when they haven't taken any damage. it is pretty weird and a waste of pips. I will see you in the spiral!

Oct 06, 2012
fiziali on May 29, 2012 wrote:
I just recently started playing this game and I have to say the game itself is awesome and I love the way it's set up, but I'm having a real problem with spells fizzling as often as they do. I made a storm wizard, and the damage spells say they have a seventy percent rate of accuracy for casting, but I'm finding it to be closer to a seventy percent fizzle rate, especially on my bigger spells. Something is very wrong with this picture. If the accuracy rate is lower then it should state a lower accuracy rate on the spell.

These damage spells take three to four pips to cast, and by the time I am able to cast them I've taken a lot of damage, and I really need these spells to go off. I really think this needs to be addressed.

In addition to that, the minion continuously spams heals on himself even when he's not taking damage. I'm standing there with literally 100 health and in need of heals, and he's standing there healing himself when he hasn't even taunted yet. I think until he has cast that first taunt, his heals should not go to himself but to another party member who needs it, since he's not taking damage anyways.

If it weren't for the frustration these issues cause, I would actually be totally enjoying this game. Please, please, do something about this. I can't play like this, and I probably won't renew my subscription again in July if it hasn't been fixed. If I can't enjoy the game there is no point paying to play. As I stated, the actual game setup is awesome, but the fizzle rate is just too horrendous to really get to enjoy the game to it's fullest.
yes,i know i've been dealing with this problem for WEEKS now!