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fizzle by mind

Dec 27, 2008
Ok this only works for me but i was wondering if it works for you... When im doing a strong spell (3 pips and up) when ever i think about in or say "dont fizzle" it does! when i think about somthing else it doesnt! Does this game like read your mind!

Jan 20, 2009
your mind is set on the % it see, that % is then store in your memory so when you see 75% the mind knows that you have high chance of passing over failing but failing still exist to your mind..that mean it will give you a feeling of passing or failing. 75% will give you a more feeling of passing but still wonders about failing so when you do fail your brain tingle when you pass your brain will no longer think on that % unless that 75% show up again. Same way the game do it in the background, hope this helps.