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Fizzle Bug in Arena

Aug 31, 2008
I was battling a friend in the arena. We were almost done with the duel when every single spell we did afterwards fizzled! I even tried wand spells or healing spells with 100% accuracy and THEY fizzled too!

People usually refer this as the "fizzle bug." This is very annoying and forces the people dueling to flee in order to stop the bug. It doesn't seem fair to lose all your mana due to a "fizzle bug."

I'm still not sure what causes it to occur, but I think it mostly occurs in long duels. Please try and stop this annoying bug.

(Abigail Mistriver)

Sep 02, 2008
This has happened to me also. However, it occured right after one of the characters was eliminated and than ALL spells cast by ALL the other players fizzled.

Sep 20, 2008
Sep 08, 2008
At first I thought that the "Fizzle Bug" was something made up by players simply because they seemed to fizzle frequently.

I stood corrected when it actually happened in one of my duels against fellow wizards.

What had happened was, an Ice Guardian pet had been summoned, and it had fizzled at one point. It seemed because of the PET, the bug had occured. I was told by my friend that the bug usually is started by his pet.

I hope Wizard101 is looking into this at the moment.

Dec 12, 2008
Yeah, this is should a high priority fix. There's one downside though, its hard to duplicate. If more people could post what happened before their fizzle issue started this might help. I don't exactly remember how mine started i just remember i had a traps on every opponent, some blades, a field card and earthquake.... Glitches take the fun out of victory. :(

I still won though, was a battle of patience.

But please do look into this i like destroying things in bulk.