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Fizzing taken to a new level

Jul 16, 2010
Heres one for you! (And I want an answer!)
A friend (death) and I (life) decided to do waterworks as a duo. Everything was going well until we got to Luska.
Life went first (inked), death second.
The first four or five rounds went as normal. Out of the next 17 rounds, I, life fizzed 13 times! WHAT? Thirteen times!!!!! Yes my friend and I kept a close count. Death died and try as I could, I couldn't bring him back. I could not even throw a spell on Luska. I know I'm not 100% on accuracy with this wizard but I am over 10%.
This is no way fair in any sense of of good game play.
How can a wizard fizz four times (twice) in a row when it has no dispel or other spells on it, a full pip count and using 100% life cards?
I'm confused! :?
After another couple of rounds we just threw up the white flag and gave up. No way to win, no matter how hard we were going to try. Impossible senario.
I still enjoy this game immencely and this glitch or what ever you want to call it won't change that. ( Is it a glitch? Or do you sometimes throw in impossible senarios every once in a while?) But, come on! Thats only a 1.3% accuracy rating on a level 60 wizard using 95/100% life cards.
Thx for hearing me sound off, am awaiting Avalon soon, and thanks for entertaining thousands with this excellent game.

Level 60
Life Wizard

Apr 30, 2011
The ink luska is putting on you is the same as smokecreen. It lowers your accuracy. (A lot) It is part of the challenge of fighting Luska and not a glitch.

May 01, 2010
2 things, 1, can I have a soda too? (fizzling, not fizzing....) k.... now that I have that out of my system, Its all on luck, you had roughly a 40% chance to fizzle, and it seems like you got the worse end of the stick.... (think of it like a hoard pack, your odds keep resetting....)

Feb 03, 2012
My storm rarely fizzles when fighting Luska, Life's high accuracy is going against it now, start with high accuracy stay at high accuracy, start with low accuracy jump to the stars later. :D

Mar 18, 2009
Luska casts Smokescreen on designated wizards throughout the battle. Feints are put on the inactive wizards. The cheat of this battle is lowering your accuracy to a horrible percentage. Hence the need to use either the star or sun school enhancements to improve accuracy rates.

Sep 05, 2011
Hi first of all i do not think this is a glitch yesterday fizzled 5 times in a row i know not as much as 13 but i am only a little more than half your level (37 balance) I think you were just very unlucky that day.

I know this didn't help but that's all i got.

Apr 17, 2011
the smokescreen he uses is really annoying but thats why they have accuracy treasure cards and other accuracy cards i have to use them often on my myth it does get annoying but sometimes it's not as bad as others

Dec 14, 2009
You do realize that being "inked" increases your fizzle rate dramatically? A simple way to compensate would be to use some infallible treasures or such.

Mar 16, 2009
i have my fire wizard and i go out to kill the last boss in the marleybone tower to get the spiral key. I fizzle 14 times in a row and then i am dead. It said the bosses can cheat but not being able to cast anything makes it impossible. I need them to patch that or something because i'm getting tired of the quest being there.

Apr 10, 2010
It seems lately my balance and my death transcended wizards are fizzling more. And this isn't even fighting Luska in WW.

I want a bumper sticker for my car that says "Fizzle Happens!"