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Fix Matching In PvP

Oct 26, 2010
This is ridiculous.

On my Grandmaster Fire this is who I have went against in 1v1 in a row:

Level 90 Storm, 400 critical, 96 damage

Level 90 Storm, 357 critical, 83 damage

Level 90 Balance, 256 critical, 78 damage

Level 90 Storm, 514 critical, 91 damage

Sure, this is fair! I have 54 resist and 75 block...Just wow.

Jun 20, 2011
Ikr!!! My legendary storm always gets this problem. Yes, our ranks may be high but it doesn't mean that our critical block increases!! It's not even fair, kingsisle please fix this.

Aug 20, 2011
Wow. That's pretty egregious. Thanks for collecting data and posting here.
Can't something be done, KI?

Jul 24, 2012
That happens to me too! Also, people always use high level TC which isn't fair either. KI please fix the matching system!

Brooke Emeraldshard, level 40 life student

Jul 14, 2012
I think that P.V.P. should be put in a way where the players are near each others level and then by their ranking because I know that I've been stuck with level ninety warlords for no apparent reason. I'm level eighty now, but when I was a lower level like level forty to level fifty, I was always stuck with warlords who were higher levels than me and I don't know why. I hope Wizard101 changes something about that. I still get stuck with level ninety warlords.

Hope someone can help!