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First Wekk of Beastmoon Hunt- Bugs

Dec 16, 2009
A list of remaining bugs

-Death Ninja Pig's Red death spell notation still labels it a damage spell even though it is a trap
-Damage boost from school advantage still goes through regardless of absorb shields. Example even if I have an absorb shield on my storm and an ice attacks it will still do 25 damage even if the absorb stays (this might be intentional)
-Lag when capturing circles and occasional notification delays when teams are capturing circles.
-Life Draconian's Harvest Spirit is only giving a 125 blade instead of the 150 blade the card indicates.
-If you kill an enemy with Harvest spirit it will not activate it's afterlife effect unless another harvest spirit was used on said enemy prior(i'm assuming this is because the damage is registered before the afterlife effect is applied)
-Either death ninja pig's atrophy or siphon strength sometimes leaves "sticky" negative blades that stay on your character even after consumed but apply no effect.

Dec 16, 2009
Some more bugs to report

Storm Wolf Warrior's Feeding Frenzy has a completely broken spell card display saying it does 2 damage. It also seems not to interact with traps at all. Despite numerous attempts, the gain 2 pips effect has never activated from my testing.

Myth Rat Warrior's Demoralize spell adds a -75% damage debuff instead of a -75 flat damage debuff.

DoT spells deal +25 damage per tick against enemies it's effective on instead of +25 overall.(For example using a 100 damage over 4 rounds fire dot on an ice will deal 50 damage each round for a total boost of +100 flat damage)

Dec 16, 2009
Nov 14, 2010
Dec 09, 2008
Thanks Eric for the list of Beastmoon issues!