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Fire the cow teacher. We want attack spells!

Mar 07, 2009
Dorrisa wrote:
If you get some other attack spell then other have to get one too because you would have the most. If you want more attack spell choose fire or storm as a primary school. Plus why are you complaining if I get even worse things than you.
I said those things in page 1. ( last post ) Since I am Ice. Plus you have more accuracy!



I am happy with what i have VERRRY HAPPPY, but! and i say but have you had someone pop in while you are in a middle of battle with 2 curse ronin solders and some one elses pop in and then leaves now you have 3 or more and you need this quest to finish if you flee you have to start over from the begaining and that it could take 1 to 3 hours. again I state we need at least ONE ATTACK all spell like it was mention earler something like grasses or maybe roots that engulf everything and gives us a chance because others pop in and out. This would be great when i get to DS and someone pops in and out. or even in Mooshu where some of the bosses have 3 or four guys on their side.

Jan 08, 2009
Guys you should be lucky! Life is an amazing school you get high accuracy and healing. Besides if you dont have any attack spells then use your training points to learn spells from a powerful school like storm or fire. Also you guys get spirit armor.

Community Leader
The little secret of Life wizards, is that we actually don't do much healing. There's very little call for it. We CAN heal, but even going through the Great Spyre, I usually have one dryad in my deck for emergencies. The other cards are centaur, seraph (similar damage ratio to centaur), life traps, life blades, feints, and shields to match the enemy. Pretty much what any school would carry.

Sometimes I cast Rebirth (our level 48 group heal/absorb) for the "wow!" factor, but it's never actually been necessary.

In groups, my group mates would appreciate a group damage spell far more than the heals I don't need to cast (aside from a dryad sometimes).